Tax depreciation deductions relating to investment properties has become an integral part of property investing, however due to the complex nature and ever changing ATO regulations, many find the process daunting.

PEP provides an unmatched tax depreciation service analysis that is both personal and more interactive than other firms. PEP is consistently expanding its knowledge on all aspects of tax depreciation by spending time on researching, understanding and re-visiting your property to provide the superior result.

Appropriately registered by the Australian Tax Office (ATO) as a Tax Agent, PEP provides an ATO compliant report to clients which allows them to claim the maximum tax benefit. Our additional membership of the AIQS and RICS assures clients that our professional approach can be relied upon to produce reports which generate the maximum return on your investment.

Our by-line of Precision, Expertise and Passion supports our expert knowledge in all facets of property depreciation to maximize your tax deductions and cash-flow benefits.

Core Services

  • Vendor Depreciation Estimates
  • Purchase Depreciation Analysis
  • Tenancy Incentive Analysis
  • Refurbishment Reviews & Write-offs
  • Asset Registers for Life Tracking
  • Reversionary Assessments
  • Redevelopment Write-offs
  • Depreciated Replacement Values

Who Benefits from Tax Depreciation

  • Developers
  • Direct Investors
  • SMSF Investors
  • Syndicators
  • Fund Managers
  • Real Estate Agents

Advanatges of PEP Tax Depreciation Analysis

  • Cost of the report is 100% tax deductible
  • Deductions provide cash-flow benefits
  • Deductions provide better taxable position
  • Leasing options can be enhanced
  • Records are available for the property at purchase

PEP Process to Undertake a Depreciation Schedule

  • PEP conducts site visits to ensure maximum detail is extracted
  • Full photographic record is kept for analysis and future reference
  • PEP makes the additional enquiries to identify all possible claims
  • PEP prepares reports in both Prime Cost and Diminishing Value options
  • MS Excel version can be provided for accounts benefit